Thank you!

I just wanted to write this and thank each and everyone of you for subscribing to my website! I’m currently trying to link all of your email addresses to mine so that I can send you all exclusive songs, pictures, tickets, merchandise and a ton of other cool promotional stuff. Bare with me. Everyday I’ve been getting new fans and followers, which is amazing! You all are the reason I do this. So thank you again. Hopefully you got an email telling you about this blog. If thats true, then i’m working in the right direction! YOUNGWORLD!!!!!


  • Gracie Leigh Mauser on said:

    I Love you so much bro and love your website I haven’t been able to subscribe bit I will sometime. When I’m in school and can listen to music I’ve been listening to the come up. I really need a CD its amazing!!!!!!!! Also the last day of school we have a talent show and I want you to preform Impossible with me. As long as you can make it a clean version witch wont be hard, but I love you sooooooo much. I tell all my friends about you the one that wants a shirt still has to get the money but their $15 more to music. You should see the review I gave Brian on his comment on Facebook. About the top 3 rappers you #1 of course.
    I love talking about how I hat M and M. He might think hes the first person to mix rap with other genras of music but hes wrong. Love you so much bro.
    Also sometime I would like to sing with you in one of your songs I love to sing and am really good, and can sing almost anything.

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