Blog Has Launched!

Ayee! What’s up #YoungWorld?! Welcome to the launch of my new website! Shoutouts to my boy Whitey from Stallion Studios ( for making it DOPE!

Anyways, it’s about time I got an official web presence! This website is opening a ton of opportunities not only for me as an artist, but for YOU as well! Feel free to register a user account on the main page to comment on by blog posts and random ramblings. It’s free and allows you to keep in touch and connect with me! Check out the “Videos” area for not only my latest music videos, but exclusive freestyles and other videos you won’t find anywhere else but my website. Make sure you go there RIGHT NOW because my NEW music video for my track “Impossible” has just been released. Check it out!

I know a TON of you have been wanting my albums. Well guess what?! You can download ALL 3 of my albums by clicking the “Music” link at the top of this site! You can get it all for free if you want, but if you’d be so kind as to “name your price” for my music and donate whatever you can so I can keep the tracks coming I’d greatly appreciate it! Either way, you’ll be asked for your e-mail when you download my tracks, and by providing it, you’ll be added to the official Proficey mailing list! Don’t worry though, I’m not gonna spam the hell out of you or send you a ton of those stupid viagra e-mails. Once a month, I’ll be mailing out a newsletter to everyone on my mailing list that will include all of the latest news, shows, and happenings going on with me. Also, I may even include some EXCLUSIVE tracks that aren’t available anywhere else!

Finally, there’s a “Store” area on my site. This area is still being developed. I’ve had quite a bit of demand to bring the “I <3 Haters” shirts back and have some great ideas for additional merchandise. Check back in a couple of weeks to see what it has to offer! Thank you for visiting my website. If you have any questions for me or wish to book me for a show, feel free to comment on this post or use the “Contact” area at the top of the site. But moreso, thanks for supporting me as an artist. I truly do it all for you. 2012 is going to bring great things, so stay tuned! -Proficey


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