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Focus on yourself first. | The Official Website of Proficey



  • Sarah George on said:

    First time checking out your website! I so agree with this statement. I look at you and all the things you’ve done since I seen you in the 8th grade talent show, and I am amazed. I do wish I had your guts, I believe I have told you that before. I love to sing it is my life, but I am not going to hate on other people because they had the balls to do something with their talent. I think you are amazing and I wish I had gotten to know you better in high school, because it seems a lot of times that we share a lot of interests. I even got my hubby listening to your music and he HATES rap! LOL Keep doing what you are doing man, and stay the same don’t ever change, you are humble and kind hearted that’s part of what makes you so awesome!

    • Proficey on said:

      Thank you for following!

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About Proficey

Hailing from the streets of Toledo, Ohio, Scott "Proficey" Helppie has been in the rap game since the age of 13. Fast forward ten years and Proficey has perfected his lyrical talent, becoming one of Toledo's premier hip-hop artists. With his fourth album release "The Come Up", Proficey has shown once again that he has originality and the creativity to really set the bar at an all new level.

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